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With the popularity of the Climbing Mt. Automation seminars growing over the past few years, we’ve found ourselves unable to keep up with the demand to present the session in the multitude of requested venues. To make up for not being able to present the information in person, we’ve decided to establish a series of virtual seminars that address many of the issues covered in the original Climbing Mt. Automation seminar.

Being a virtual environment, we can expand the scope of the original seminar to include a variety of subjects that will be of interest to automation novices and experts alike. Each will be a short and succinct video of 15 to 20 minutes that covers a specific topic related to software testing and automation. All seminars are free of charge.

The first in the series will be available February 2006– entitled Climbing Mt. Automation: A background of Automation.

Future topics will include Automation Pain Points, Automation Tools, and Establishing your Automation Plan. New sessions of the Climbing Mt. Automation seminars will be posted every three to four weeks – so check back often.




Climbing Mt. Automation: A Background of Automation

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the posting of the first virtual seminar segment has been delayed. We're still working on bringing you the first of the seminars as soon as possible. Please check back with us in a week to view Climbing Mt. Automation. We apologize for the delay.

TBA Climbing Mt. Automation: Automation Pain Points
TBA Climbing Mt. Automation: Automation Tools
TBA Climbing Mt. Automation: Establishing your Automation Plan

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